• Stainless steel (SS304, 316, 316L etc,) Reactors, Condensers & other process equipments for Bulk Drug manufacturing units.
  • Evaporator, Reactor & Extractor Units.
  • Herbal Extract units. (All Reactors, Evaporators, High vacuum Distillation units, in SS316.
  • Fractional & high Vacuum distillation units, in SS316.
  • Solvent Recovery system for Alcohol, Acetone, Methanol etc. in S.S
  • Molecular Sieve Dryer Units for solvents, in SS316L.
  • Extraction Plants for Oleo Resin from spices, in SS304 & 316.
  • Rectified, Malt, Grape Spirit & ENA for Alcohol Distilleries in Copper & SS.
  • Ethyl acetate & Butyl Acetate, DEP, in SS316 and 316L.
  • Polyester Resin Plants, in SS316.

  • Absolute Alcohol plants with Azeotropic distillation system of 30000Lit/day cap. Are few of the complete system supplied, Erected & commissioned
  • Reaction Vessel of all types, in SS.
  • Hydrogenators in SS 316, 1000 Lit, 1500Litres cap. For 15 kg/cm² process.
  • Heat Exchangers, Condensers & Coolers conforming to TEMA and IS – 4503 in SS,Copper & SS.
  • Distillation columns of different designs.
  • Pressure vessels conforming to ASME Code, Sec VIII, in SS.
  • Mixing & Blending Tanks, in SS.
  • Receivers, storage tanks, Decanters, Hydrogenators, in SS316.
  • Double cone Vacuum Dryers, Vacuum Tray drier, Dome & Nutsche Filters Etc. in Mild steel, Stainless Steels, DOW Copper.
  • Solvent storage tanks conforming to IS-803 and API-650 in SS & CS.
Preconcenteator Unit
Extraction Plant 3KL
Receiving Tanks (Horizontal, Dished Type)-SS304
Herbal Extraction Plant
24 Tray Dryer
Falling Film Evaporator
Epoxy Resin Plant Reactor
Coil Type Mixing Vessel
Green Tea Extraction Plant
Falling Film Evaporation System
Alcohol Distillation Plant
15000 Liters Mixing Vessel
Ribbon Blender